The most amazeballs Chinese New Year song this year because girl

And Hokkien rap. Oh yeah.

By Mothership | January 21, 2014

Currently trending on the Internet in Singapore is a Chinese New Year song put out by coffee maker, OWL International.

Yes, how random.

The video’s been out for a week, the response has been fantastic, mostly because they completely nailed it.

It has everything that is pertinent to the Gen X, Y and Z crowd: A mishmash of English, Mandarin and Hokkien rap lyrics.

With an accurate portrayal of how Chinese New Year visitation is really like in Singapore, where everyone appears caricatured because everyone happens to meet only once a year — but with a bit of feel-good vibe thrown in for good measure.

However, what really caught everyone’s attention is the really hot girl in an auspicious red dress and everyone is questioning who she is.










Check out the video:


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