13 ways to live life dangerously

Legally of course.

Tan Xing Qi| January 25, 09:29 AM

Not since a certain Mr Austin Powers, who bravely refused another card after being dealt with a 5 at blackjack, have we seen such audacity.

Technician Ling Jia Hui, 24, was caught filming a female police sergeant at the Ministry of Home Affairs Headquarters and was sentenced to a two-week detention on Jan 8.

Filming a police officer right in the headquarters of the Ministry of Home Affairs? He truly took the meaning of living life dangerously to the next level.

You want to live life dangerously too? Here are 13 other dangerous (mostly inane and not as sick) things people like to do.

1. Ask your teacher to “see me” during class


Source: Sgag

You must really like to camp out in the principal's office or be publicly paraded during assembly.

2. Park illegally outside a police station


Source: Sgag

Do you have a problem with authority and money?

3. Ogle at hunks/babes with your partner beside you.


Source: Picchore

You have an eye for beauty and a taste for quarrels and spankings (not by your object of desire but by your partner).


4. Leave house with smart phone charged at only 50%.




You think you are still using a Nokia.

5. Order Kopi C at Starbucks.


Source: Sgag

Because you want to localise Starbucks.


6. Tell your Platoon Sergeant that your grandma can run faster than him.


We salute you. You truly have a death wish.


7. Pat your parents' head and say:“Guai”


Source: Sgag

Because greeting them is too mainstream.


8. Settle the bill at a fancy restaurant with coins.


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No, coins are not bitcoins.


9. Take a math exam without a calculator.



Source: Sgag

Because you think using an abacus is way cooler.

10. Observe silence during an oral examination.


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Silence is not always golden.

11. Touch something when the sign says: “Do not touch”



You are really asking for it. Hands very itchy hor?


12. Crank up the ring volume while in the cinema.



Because phone in silent mode is so 2013.


13. Say “Bo bian” instead of “I do” while exchanging marriage vows


Source: Sgag

Too late to play it cool, bro.


Top photo from Quick Meme.

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