Woman calls police over underboob displayed at Anime Festival Asia 2013, leaves entire world incredulous

Internet explains why it is bewildered.

November 14, 2013 @ 11:05 am

The Anime Festival Asia 2013 over the weekend saw a woman calling the police over a cosplayer who showed too much under cleavage, a.k.a. underboob.


The cosplayer went dressed as the character Ryuko Matoi from popular anime Kill la Kill. The outfit was Ryuko’s battle gear.


The story thus far — which originated from HardwareZone forum — seems to suggest that the woman who complained was a church-goer attending a service at Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre at the time the cosplay event was happening.

No one was eventually arrested, though statements were taken. There has been at least one clarification explaining why showing some underboob while dressed as someone else is not a crime.

Well, at least not yet here in Singapore.

The woman’s police-calling antics has, nonetheless, left the Internet bewildered:





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