PM Lee's FB post reveals that there are many Harry Potter fans in Singapore

The owl was looking for the most famous Harry in Singapore.

Mothership| November 21, 01:28 AM

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong posted on Facebook on Nov. 20 late night, saying that he found a "surprise visitor" at his office yesterday morning.

A barn owl had flown into the building the night before.

PM Lee's staff called the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority and the Jurong Bird Park for help.

The AVA managed to capture the owl and released it unharmed behind Sri Temasek, the official residence of the Prime Minister in the Istana.

Following PM's post, the Internet went a flurry with Harry Potter mania overnight, with his FB post receiving more than 20K Likes and 1.2K shares.

Below are the highlights of their reactions:

Harry Potter Fans #1

PM reactions

Harry Potter Fans # 2

PM reactions2

One of whom is a civil servant wishing for more year-end bonus.

Harry Potter Fans #3

PM reactions5


The nature-related post alerted the Bukit Brown activists immediately.

PM reactions6

PM reactions7


Others just think it's a sign of good luck.



PM reactions4


One suggested what number to buy. 6120 (PM's age + Date the Owl was found) anyone?


Another prefers to remind us of a simile long forgotten.

PM reactions9

A few are reading too much into PM's FB post.


While some responses are just weird. 

PM reactions3

PM reactions8

More Harry Potter fans.


Speaking of MOM...

Tan Chuan-Jin


Our Acting MOM Minister decided to crash our Hogswarts dream with his teachable moment on Singapore's land use plan.


Top Photo from Lee Hsien Loong Facebook page.

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