Media secretly changes misleading headlines after they drew ire from Nicole Seah and other S'poreans online

Nicole Seah is looking into suing the Singapore Press Holdings for libel and slander.

Martino Tan| November 27, 03:34 AM

Update Nov. 28, 2013:  Wanbao has apologised to Nicole Seah and Steven Goh for the inconveniences it caused them. It added that it did not accurately reflect Goh's marital status.

The editor of AsiaOne had also  "unreservedly apologise" to both parties for any distress and inconvenience caused by the article. He said that the headline did not correctly reflect the rest of the article's content, which indicated that Goh is divorced and not presently married.


Evening news paper Wanbao and Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) news site Asiaone carried a story about Nicole Seah, the Second Assistant Secretary-General of the National Solidarity Party (NSP), dating an entrepreneur named Steven Goh.

Both Wanbao and Asiaone tried to sensationalize the matter by reporting that Seah is seeing a “married man”.

Below are the headlines:

Yesterday's Headline for Wanbao and AsiaOne




Seah responded to the reports on her Facebook page last night, calling it “gutter journalism at its finest”.

She added that nobody called her to clarify before the newspaper went for print.



Other Singaporeans also weigh in on the matter.

Mr Brown, prominent blogger

Mr Brown


Colin Goh, Singaporean film maker and cartoonist




Devadas Krishnandas, political commentator who writes regularly for TODAY.

Devadas Krishnadas

 [Editor's note: It was Wanbao and AsiaOne which carried the report, not ST.]


Both WanBao and Asiaone had since changed their headlines, omitting the use of  "已婚男" and "married man".

In fact, the link to AsiaOne's article cannot be found now.


Today's Headline for Wanbao and AsiaOne






URL link of AsiaOne's article yesterday that leads one back to the homepage: 



Seah shared on her FB today that her contacts in the media industry are looking into asking an official apology from SPH.

She will also consider suing SPH for libel and slander if they did not apologise.


Source: Nicole Seah Facebook Page



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