Indonesian maid inherits $1 million after elderly S'porean employer passed away

The Cat Welfare Society got $100,000 -- and 10 cats.

Belmont Lay| November 11, 03:34 AM

An Indonesian maid in Singapore received about $1 million inheritance after her employer, a former primary school principal, died last year.

Madam Khoo Guat Neo, was 92 and single, when she passed away. She had lived at a landed property in Jalan Pelatina, off Upper Thomson Road.

The maid had worked for her for 13 years.

The sum amounts to about one-third of the ex-principal's estate.

After Madam Khoo died, the maid went home to Indonesia but returned to Singapore late last month to collect the money.

Madam Khoo also gave about $760,000 to Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital.

Her neighbour, a 54-year-old man, presented the cheque on her behalf to the hospital on Saturday.

The maid was not identified but Madam Khoo had spoken well of her, her neighbour said.

Other recipients of Madam Khoo's will were her hairdresser, who got $200,000, and the Cat Welfare Society, which received $100,000, plus her 10 cats.

This is the single biggest donation the society has ever received.

The rest of her estate went to her doctor and nephew.

This $1 million sum is not the first time such a large sum of money has been left behind to a foreign domestic helper.

In 2010, a Filipina inherited $6 million and a Leonie Hill apartment from her employer.


Top photo of Jalan Pelatina from Google Maps.

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