7 things to avoid doing in a club so you won't look like an annoying loser

And because the people around you deserve better.

Alden Tan| November 20, 07:32 AM

Everybody wants to look good in a club. There are drinks and hot people everywhere.

But the thing is, looking good goes beyond the clothes you wear or the amount of makeup you put on.

It's actually about the way you carry yourself and the things you say, amongst other things under the umbrella of social dynamics.

However, you wouldn't really know anyway, because you're too drunk to notice.

So, here are 7 things to avoid doing in a club so you won't look like an annoying loser


1. Don't be mean to the staff

That's right. Treat all customer service officers with respect. They're also human.

Just because you're a huge spender or got some table reserved in the VIP section, it doesn't give you full rights to the notion, "The customer is always right".

By treating them like crap, it only goes to show how much respect you've for your fellow humans and that's a major turn off.



Still does not give you the right to mistreat people.


2. Don't try too hard when you hit on a girl

Back off when she says "no". Because "no" means "no".

Try any harder and you'd be deemed a creep who can't take a hint.



Don't be that guy.


3. Don't get drunk at all

I know, I know. You got drunk that night, and next day it was so funny when you talked about it with your friends!

It's not funny actually. It's annoying.

Your friends are just too polite to tell you that they had a hard time taking care of you and making sure you got home safe.

If you can't hold your alcohol well, then control yourself.


Pretty much what your friends have to do.


4. Don't get into fights

Because violence is for losers. Use your words. Keep your cool. Just walk away.

A night is pretty much ruined when a fight breaks out. The tension rises and you guys probably to deal with the club and subsequently the cops.

This isn't the stone age anymore where you got to defend your honour with your fists... or fingernails.


Only Singapore's Wong Fei Hong is cool when he throws down!


5. Don't dance aggressively

Because that just means stepping all over others and also flinging your sweat everywhere. It's annoying, gross and smelly. Nuff said.



Even the cast of Jersey Shore watch their space.


6. Don't drop names and expect VIP privileges

Oh you know Mr. Whatsisname who works at some cool company? You even know Miss Singapore Galaxy BlackHole?

You even know the owner of the club?!

Seriously, unless you're physically seen with them, forget about dropping names. You effectively become a bag of hot air.



Maybe you're better off coming here...


7. Don't be a leech

Buy your own drinks!

Stop hovering around the table like a housefly and hope somebody would pour you one. Worse, don't help yourself to the drinks.

People will eventually call you the resident cheapskate.



Oh, the looks you will get...

Now that you're a baller in the club, here's some tips on owning the dance floor.


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