5 other average sushi places to bring your girlfriend on her birthday to make her angry

To find out whether your girl is a keeper, take her to these places and see if she confesses online.

November 8, 2013 @ 08:02 am

The Internet has been flipping out several times over ever since yesterday.

This after a girl bemoaned anonymously on NUS Confessions that the sweetest thing her boyfriend did for her on her birthday was to bring her to Sushi Tei and got her a handmade card.

She then called him “cheap”.

A lot of people have been saying this girl is not a keeper and are encouraging her boyfriend to make a run for it.

Therefore, here are 5 other average sushi places any guy can bring his girlfriend on her birthday to see if she is marriage material.


1. Sakae Sushi


Oh wow, check this out. Sakae Sushi has a sushi birthday cake for the month of November.

If your girlfriend says she appreciates your effort for not only getting sushi, but a cake as well — at the same time — get both your NRIC details ready.

Because you are so going to apply for a HDB flat with her.


2. Genki Sushi


An eatery is good if there is a queue. Prime your girlfriend beforehand by telling her that. Because there sure is one here.

Thirty minutes in line is not too long. Since the girlfriend has already waited one year for her birthday, what’s another half an hour in line before tucking into this:


I have no idea what this is, but if she thinks “Mmm… yummy!”, you know you’re going to be a hubby.


3. Umi Sushi

Ok, this place takes the cake. Metaphorically.


If you can really bring your girlfriend here for her birthday, and she’s like “Aww I love you still”, it is imperative you must make her have your children immediately.

Since it is takeaway, bring her and the sushi home straight away.


4. Sushi Express

Everybody eats in here cheek by jowl. Elbows clashing against elbows. This place is as romantic as a physics textbook. The ambience is not even good enough for one person, let alone two.


But what’s great is that the conveyor belt that brings the sushi round and round can be used for a little surprise.

Tuck a love note into the sushi, cover it back and let it go one round. Hopefully, when it comes back (if someone else hasn’t swallowed it by accident), surprise your girlfriend.

If that does the trick to soothe her frayed nerves and her claustrophobia, tell her she needs to look composed enough. Because the wedding shoot is tomorrow.


5. Ichiban Sushi


Keep a wedding ring handy in your pocket. If your girlfriend is completely ok with eating here for her birthday, get down on that damn knee and propose.

After which, whisk her off to a nicer place.

Like Sushi Tei or something.


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