10 signs Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong might be a dissatisfied person

The signs were all there. It's up to us to decode it.

Martino Tan| November 23, 10:05 AM

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong set the Internet ablaze after he was quoted by the media as saying at The Zaobao Forum yesterday: "Satisfied people don't have time to go onto the Internet. Unhappy people often go there."

After this comment went public, Singaporeans were very concerned that PM Lee might be feeling down -- since he has been on the Internet quite often himself.


Here are 10 signs PM Lee might actually be a dissatisfied person, as deduced by Singaporeans:

1. He found the Interwebs one day. And he joined Facebook.


This is the start of going downhill.


2. He has collected more than 202,000 Facebook fans since. That must be very sad -- if there is so much agony to be shared with so many people.



3. He posted a selfie with Malaysia's prime minister.


But behind that smile, you can still see the sadness in his eyes.


4. And then he decided to go on Twitter. And Instagram too.


Only to have Mr Brown photo-bomb him on Facebook.


5. PM Lee is trying to tell us he feels trapped in a box.


And under-appreciated.


6. With his BA in Mathematics from Cambridge University, he had hoped to be the first Nobel Prize winning Mathematician from Singapore. 





Instead, he only has some free time to solve a Mathematics puzzle from a comic strip because he is busy with running the country.


7. People online keep bringing up that he apologised to Singaporeans. 



Especially when he is saying sorry for his colleagues' mistakes.


8. He cannot even share his Durian joy in peace online. 


Without people asking him about the hackers who defaced his office's website.


9. With his fans' encouragement, he decided to post an Instagram photo of his dinner. He thought it was well-received. 

LHL food


Until he realise his food photo is not as popular as the food photos from this Singaporean guy call "ladyironchef".

Brad Lau food



10. He probably wishes more Singaporean FB fans are into economics.



And not Harry Potter.


"Through Facebook, I can directly transmit my thoughts to netizens. But there are limitations . . . the post about the owl (in the Istana) was the most successful. I got 500,000 views. If I can get 200,000 views on a post on economic development and productivity, I would be happy." PM Lee, at The Zaobao forum.


PM Lee's speech can be found here (in English) and here (in Mandarin).


Featured Photo from Lee Hsien Loong Facebook

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