5 reasons why Halloween is losing its shine

Is the novelty wearing thin?

Belmont Lay| October 31, 09:43 AM

Halloween has so many cool elements attached to it, such as its deep and meaningful history.

But instead of things going bump in the night with a bit of playful, frightful fun, it has become more like "Meh".

I don't expect most people to dig for any deeper meaning. It's a fun festival to the layman, after all.

Too bad the fun is getting hollow.


Here's 5 reasons why Halloween is losing its shine.

1) Half-assed costumes

Some people want to celebrate Halloween, but they put in zero effort in their "costumes".

The worst part is they actually think they're repping hard and is totally 100% legit.

They paint their faces only and are like, "I am the lead Singer from Kiss" or "I'm a scary clown haha".

They put on some cheap fangs are like, "I'm a vampire".

And I actually met some girls wearing their ordinary, black dresses and are like, "I'm a witch".

Talk about taking poseur halfway to the next level.

I say, if you want to go out, go all out.


Whoa nice! But obviously, he just came from work.


2) Clichéd costumes

Iron man, Spider Man, Power Rangers and even vampires. They are still around.

Girls turn into their nurses, French maids or random animals.

They're cool... I guess. But it's all so clichéd.

Not many people put in the effort to make their own costumes anymore. It's mostly just rented whole or made with zero effort.

So I say, if you want to show off, go all out and WOW us.


This is alright...



This is amazedballz~


3) Offensive costumes

Dressing up as Hitler or a KKK member is pushing it.

But this year, we saw a new low when some lovely Americans decided to dress up as Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, complete with fake blood and spraying one's face black.

Shameless and utterly disrespectful.

It's such a shame Halloween is turning into an avenue for people to be stupid.


Not cool bro... Not cool.


4) It's mostly just about partying

Isn't it so?

After the whole supposed awesomeness of dressing up, checking out others' costumes, it all just goes back to drinking and partying.

That's cool. But that's also superficial.

Suddenly all the costumes are used as openers to talk to girls.

How about some meaning and history eh? It is after all, Halloween. Don't be an airhead in everything.



What's new?


5) Nobody cares

Because Christmas, New Year's Eve and Lunar New Year mean so much more...

After the initial awesomeness of showing off your costume and partying away, you got to cast aside that outfit while you nurse that hangover.

Plus Halloween doesn't grant a public holiday.




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