Rex Regrets comics proves S'pore's got talent

It's funny and kooky. And makes fun of a tyrant's shortcomings.

Alex T| September 13, 08:37 AM

Rex Regrets, a comic featuring a Tyrannosaurus Rex with regrettably short arms who always finds itself in difficult situations, is a noteworthy, completely random, entertaining, and adorable effort by local illustrator Jerry Teo.

Born and bred in Singapore, Jerry Teo's bread-and-butter is being a military and technical illustrator by trade.

He started out drawing storyboards and backgrounds for an animation studio before heading to Canada to further his art education.

These days, he deals mostly with info-graphics, instructional step-by-step drawings, presentation grade technical cutaways, and a variety of other technical and scientific topics such as modern military and military history.

See some of his commercial work here: Hamilton Scotts and Mini Cooper Singapore



So how did Rex Regrets start?

“It wasn't planned, that much I can tell you," Teo said. "I don't really know what possessed me to draw a T-Rex climbing a rock wall at a gym and I have absolutely no clue why I came up with the tag line ‘Rex Regrets’. I put it up on my own Facebook page, everyone loved it, and I drew the first four ‘Regrets’ (comics) that very day.”

Rex Regrets

Rex Regrets

Rex Regrets

Teo was recently at the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention where he set up a booth to sell Rex Regrets postcards.

He retails them at SGD$6.00 for a set of 8, not inclusive of postage.

Any purchases can be made through direct message to Rex’s Facebook page. T-shirts will soon be available as well.

Rex Regrets

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Rex Regrets

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