Bukit Batok 'royal guard' does sentry duty for 2 hours each time, loves the sound that parade boots make when marching

Pop off, king.

Khine Zin Htet | March 22, 2024, 08:43 PM



Leaves crunching underfoot, rain softly tapping against the windows, and birdsong — these are the sounds that typically evoke joy in most people.

However, for Ryan, a Singaporean student, the rhythmic cadence of parade boots striking the ground as guards march brings him the greatest joy.

So much so, he dons a military uniform in Singapore as his hobby.

A video of him standing still at attention under a block of flats as if guarding the palace while in a uniform similar to the British royal guard's was widely circulated online.

Online commenters were left with many questions, such as why was he wearing the uniform and standing guard at the void deck, of all places.

Speaking to Mothership, Ryan explained why he was doing so and shared more about his passion.

One curiosity led to another

The big question  — what's up with the uniform?

Ryan said he was "quite curious" about the whole setup of the uniform.

"It started out from my curiosity from the parade boots as it makes a distinctive sound when the soldiers are marching," he shared.

Top photos from yourguardsman/Instagram

He bought the boots for S$40 online and even "knock[ed] some metals" onto the boots to get the "distinctive marching sound" when he marches.

Slowly, his curiosity was not satiated and it led him to buy the red tunic, white leather buff belt and the bearskin hat to complete the look.

Stands guard for 2 hours

Top photos from iampimpila/TikTok

The next big question — why was he standing guard at the void deck?

"I’m trying the experience of a British guardsman," came his matter-of-fact reply.

"I would prefer to stand guard at a quiet place where nothing much is happening."

He spends approximately two hours stationed near his Bukit Batok residence, after which he swaps his ceremonial hat for a beret and strolls through the neighbourhood.

Big dreams

Despite encountering some negative reactions online, Ryan remains undeterred, finding humour in some of the responses.

He also has friends who think it's "a little funny" that he is observing sentry duty.

Ryan's dedication to his hobby is evident in the meticulous care he takes in preparing his uniform, requiring around four to six hours to prepare the uniform — polishing the boots "up to a high shine", ensuring the white belt does not have black marks and grooming and combing the bearskin hat.

While the hobby may sound tedious, Ryan said he plans to continue doing it whenever he has free time.

In fact, he hopes to be a guardsman in the future and even guard the royal family one day.

His dreams do not seem all that impossible, as one only needs a legal right to work in the UK to apply for a job in the Royal Household.

Top photos from iampimpila/TikTok and yourguardsman/Instagram