Woodlands open air car park near Causeway filled with rubbish & illegally-parked vehicles


Belmont Lay | February 02, 2024, 05:27 PM



An open air car park in Woodlands was seen strewn with improperly-parked vehicles and litter.

The drivers who parked their vehicles in the car park along Woodlands Centre Road were also believed to have done so without paying for parking.

This car park is located next to the now defunct Woodlands Point, part of the Old Woodlands Town Centre.

Residents in the estate had to move out by April 2017 as the area was slated for redevelopment.


The disamenity at the car park was reported by Shin Min Daily News after a driver alerted them and the authorities to it.

Photos that the driver provided showed vehicles parked improperly, such as on the grass patch, and on the road instead of in the parking lots.

Trash cans in the car park were full, with rubbish like used tissue paper, plastic bottles, and cigarette boxes, seen improperly disposed of on the ground.

A disused motorcycle was also seen lying on its side, at the foot of a tree on a grass patch.

via Shin Min Daily News

There were no surveillance cameras in the vicinity, it was reported.

Popular with border crossers

One lorry driver, whose vehicle was occupying two parking lots, told the Shin Min reporter that there were not many people around in the afternoon, which allowed him to occupy both lots at the same time.

It was also disclosed by other motorists who utilised the car park that parking enforcement officers did not regularly conduct checks there.

Another motorist claimed that some motorists would opt to park at the open air car park before making their way across the Causeway into Johor Bahru by other means.

They chose to do so as the car park is just a five-minute walk from the Woodlands Checkpoint.

Top photo via Shin Min Daily News