Taylor Swift lands at Seletar Airport at 5:05pm

She is now inside 734 km² of mainland Singapore.

Belmont Lay | February 27, 2024, 06:03 PM



Taylor Swift landed in Singapore on Feb. 27 at 5:05pm.

Her chartered flight VJT993, a Bombardier Global Express jet, touched down at the Seletar Airport.

According to people on the ground, barriers were set up at the airport in preparation for her touchdown.

Crowds were seen milling about and awaiting her arrival.

The 34-year-old singer completed the Australian leg of her The Eras Tour in Sydney on Feb. 26.

She departed from Sydney at 11.58am Australia time, or 8:58am Singapore time.

Her journey took about eight hours.

According to publicly available flight data, her plane was observed to have circled over Singapore for a period of time before landing.

Flightradar24, a flight tracking website, showed Swift’s plane as the most tracked plane on Feb. 27 at 5pm, with more than 6,000 people checking out its flight path.

via flightradar24.com

via flightradar24.com

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