S'porean actress Chen Yixin announces split with actor Gavin Teo

The couple were together for five years.

Wong Li Jie | February 07, 2024, 04:07 PM



Singaporean actress Chen Yixin has parted ways with fellow musician-actor Gavin Teo.

In her Instagram post from Feb. 6, Chen shared that it was a "difficult decision" to end their relationship after five years.

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Chen and Teo starred in television series "The Teenage Textbook" in 2021.

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Pressures from the relationship being public

Chen and Teo went public with their relationship in 2021.

Chen addresses the "expectations about the future of [their] relationship" in her statement. However, she has chosen to be "open and honest" as she wants her page to remain a "a safe space".

She also thanks her fans for "the love and support" they have shown over the five years of her and Teo's relationship.

Other celebrities have displayed their support for Chen as well.

Image from Chen Yixin's Instagram.

Image from Chen Yixin's Instagram.

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Top images from Chen Yixin's Instagram.