2 men wear leopard-print briefs & little else at Phuket airport, sparks debate on appropriate attire

Too much or their right?

Amber Tay | January 31, 2024, 05:32 PM



Two men who appeared to be tourists were seen wearing skimpy leopard print briefs and little else at Phuket International Airport in a Facebook post published on Jan. 30, 2024, sparking controversy online and debates on public order.

What happened

Facebook group Du Lịch Thái Lan is a public Vietnamese group about tourism in Thailand, sharing news, photographs and recommendations related to Thailand.

In the post published on Jan. 30, 2024, the photo showed two men wearing nothing but skimpy leopard-printed briefs and slippers outside the entrance of the airport, where they were handling a luggage cart.

The caption on the Facebook post read in Vietnamese, "Heard the rumours of Phuket airport right on the beach, I also vomit".

Phuket is an island in Thailand known for its beaches, with Phuket International Airport located approximately three kilometres from the nearest beach.

Mixed opinions on the men's attire

Netizens had mixed reviews to the outlandish attire, with some expressing amusement at their swimwear.

One user commented, "These 2 guys must like to swim in the beach late at this time."

Another captioned the photo, "I was swimming in the beach when my mother asked me to come home."

Some joked that they would also wear similar attire when they go to the airport next time.

However, others expressed similar sentiments to the user who published the original Facebook post, saying they felt like "vomiting" due to the men's inappropriate behaviour.

Thai news outlet The Thaiger identified the two men as foreign tourists and reported that the incident has caused debate online over the cultural implications and appropriateness of such dress code in public spaces.

In a forum commenting on The Thaiger's reporting of the incident, netizens continued to debate on the issue, with some reprimanding the tourists for disrespecting the culture of the country they choose to visit while others said netizens were sensationalising the issue.

Inappropriate cultural behaviour in Thailand

A Singapore-based influencer was criticised in November 2018 for posing in front of Thailand's Maeklong Railway Market train, as she did not move out of the way when the train was approaching.

Two Polish tourists also made headlines recently after a photo circulated online showing them sunbathing near Chiang Man Temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand on Jan. 14, 2024.

A well-known Buddhist preacher, Phra Phayom Kanlayano, advised Thais not to be angry or blame tourists as they may not be familiar with Thai culture or traditions.

Top image via Bui Thi Huong/Facebook