Ya Kun's Set A was S$4.80 before Jan. 2022. It's now S$6.30.

The price increased from S$4.80 to S$4.90 to S$5.60 to S$6.30.

Julia Yee | December 15, 2023, 05:40 PM



Local coffee, tea, and toast chain Ya Kun Kaya Toast have hiked the price of its beloved kaya toast with butter set meal — again.

A Reddit user posted a photo of the menu on Dec. 6, 2023, stating that the price of Set A had increased from that day.

Photo via @bumber123/Reddit

It showed Set A now being sold for S$6.30.

The classic set consists of two slices of kaya toast with butter, two soft-boiled eggs, and a choice of kopi or teh.


The news, inevitably, came as a shock to many with the lack of disclosure of the price adjustments.

To verify, Mothership checked out the Far East Square outlet on Dec. 15 to see for ourselves.

Alas, it was true.

Photo via Mothership

According to the menu, Ya Kun's value sets A, B, C, and D are retailed at S$6.30.

For reference, a Yelp post in January 2023 showed the sets priced at S$5.60, meaning the prices rose by S$0.70 within the year.

The price of a la carte soft-boiled eggs has also increased from S$2 to S$2.20.

Prices of crackers have increased from S$2.20 to S$2.50.

The kaya balls and cheese balls, which appeared to be struck out on both outlets' menus, also have their prices increased from S$3.20 to S$3.60.

Phot0 via Carolyn L/Yelp

It didn't seem to deter people, though.

Photo via Mothership

Not the first price increase

Ya Kun's prices have been increasing since 2022.

A Yelp review in February 2020 showed Set A being S$4.80.

Photo via HandsomeXO/Yelp

According to users from HardwareZone, they first noticed in January 2022 that Set A's price had increased by S$0.10 to S$4.90.

Then, in the same thread, merely three months later, they discovered in April 2022 that Set A became S$5.60.

Image via HardwareZone

Comparing the old S$4.80 price to the current S$6.30 price, it's about a 30 per cent increase.

In Ya Kun's Manila outlet, which opened on Dec. 10, 2023, the set costs S$4.05.

A Reddit user pointed out that Ya Kun's Japan outlets charge 700 yen (about S$6.56) for a set meal.

Image via yakun.jp

Mothership has reached out to Ya Kun for comment.

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