Half of Tom & Jerry inflatable mascots stolen from Siloso Beach in Sentosa, police report made

Someone allegedly stole it 3 days into the exhibition.

Belmont Lay | November 16, 2023, 08:50 AM



If you find the iconic "Tom & Jerry" mascots at Siloso Beach in Sentosa lacking, you are absolutely right — the Jerry half was allegedly stolen and a police report has been made by the organiser.

A Warner Bros. spokesperson told Mothership that a police report was filed on Monday, Nov. 13, when it was first discovered that the Jerry mascot was gone from the site.

The set on display, which depicts Tom and Jerry eating durians, is part of a showcase to provide a photo-op for visitors at an ongoing exhibition.

Warner Bros. is celebrating its 100th anniversary at Sentosa during a 17-day event from Nov. 10 to 26, 2023.

The spokesperson conveyed at least twice in email responses that this issue was not a gimmick as the authorities have been alerted.

Cost several thousand dollars

"The blow-up mascots were ready for the opening of the 'WB100 Celebrating Every Story' on Thursday, Nov. 9 — in preparation for the grand opening the following day," he said.

"The whole Tom and Jerry set cost several thousand dollars."

The Tom and Jerry inflatables were designed specifically to promote the new "Tom & Jerry" series set in Singapore and currently airing on Cartoon Network, HBO GO and YouTube, and took weeks to manufacture.

"Unfortunately, we will not be able to create a duplicate in time before the attraction ends on Nov. 26," the spokesperson said.

Both the cat and mouse mascots, near Emerald Pavilion, were deflated each evening once the exhibit closes at 9pm, he added.

Sign put up informing public about alleged theft

With the Jerry mascot gone, Warner Bros. is putting up a sign at the scene of the alleged crime.

via Warner Bros.

Information on the alleged theft included notifying the public via its social media platforms about the absence of the Jerry mascot.

via Warner Bros.

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Mascots exhibited without issue previously

This is the first time something amiss has occurred as the mascots were exhibited without issue prior to this event.

The Warner Bros. spokesperson said the mascots were on show at a kite-flying fiesta on the Nov. 4 and 5 weekend at the Marina Barrage.

At its current site in Sentosa, the mascots were displayed for testing a few days prior to the event proper.

The spokesperson said: "We are working on a fun solution in the meantime so that visitors understand the situation and can still enjoy a great photo opportunity, both at Siloso Beach and throughout the whole of the 'WB100 Celebrating Every Story'."

"The ideal solution would still be the safe return of Jerry and a happy ending to this unexpected mouse hunt," he added.

Top photos via Warner Bros.