Weezer frontman sings cover of Kit Chan's 'Home' at S'pore concert, says durian is 'damn shiok'

He's also released his cover as a single.

Tan Min-Wei | October 14, 2023, 06:25 PM


Rock bands on long tours sometimes have a reputation for churning out a pro-forma city shout-out: "We love you [place name]!"

But after what can be quite short trips to cities they've never been too and might never go to again, the shout outs tend to be canned, or somewhat uninspired.

Fans of American band Weezer however were treated to a considered and loving shoutout when frontman Rivers Cuomo tried durian on stage, and then belted out a heartfelt rendition of Kit Chan's iconic tune "Home".

Weezer performed at the Star Theatre on Oct. 11.

This is their only Asian stop for their current tour, as their Philippines performance was canceled.

Spikey performance

In the middle of the performance, Cuomo donned a pair of clear plastic gloves and a staff member came from offstage holding a plastic container with durians.

Cuomo compares the fruit, curiously, to mango or papaya.

@minimalsocialskills the concert was soooo goood #weezer #liveinsingapore @weezer @Rivers Cuomo ♬ original sound - MinimalSocialSkills

Weezer's bassist Scott Shriner emerged from the back of the stage to take a sniff, clearly having heard of the fruit's potent reputation, but immediately walked off after smelling it, to the mirth of the audience.

Cuomo on the other hand, is more committed, and asked the audience if he should try it, to their roar of approval.

He picked up a seed and took a large bite, chewing it and declaring it to be "damn shiok man!"

He did not, however, take another bite and returned the fruit back into the container, before telling his bandmates it was safe to return.


But anyone can try a piece of weird fruit.

Not every band covers a beloved national song for a one-night only concert.

On Oct. 8, Cuomo released a cover of the Kit Chan/Dick Lee National Day staple "Home" on major streaming platforms like Spotify, as well on his own YouTube channel.

Posting about it on his social media platforms, Cuomo expressed his excitement for the Singapore concert.

On Oct. 11, Cuomo played his live rendition of the song, with the audience swaying along and cheering loudly at the end.

Now, that's how you do a shout-out.

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Everyone loves Home

Top image via @minimalsocialskills/TikTok & @RiversCuomo/Twitter