Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao, 36, marries long-time manager, 50, after being secretly in love for 16 years


Winnie Li | October 20, 2023, 02:48 PM



Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao tied the knot officially with Summer Lin, his manager of 16 years, on Oct. 19, 2023, after he proposed to her a day before her birthday in June 2023.

The blissful news was announced by the couple on their respective Instagram pages.

Hsiao has been waiting for this day to come

In his post, Hsiao said he has been waiting for this day to come since proposing to Lin approximately four months ago.

"Today is Oct. 19, 2023. We decided to set it as our wedding day. This day is so wonderful," wrote the singer.

Hsiao also added that he would like to share his joy with all of his followers and thank them for their well wishes.

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Couple's fathers signed their marriage certificate

Lin revealed in her post that the couple's marriage certificate was signed by their fathers under the supervision of their mothers, who reminded the fathers that they must sign their names "neatly and nicely."

She also shared that when her father, who suffered from muscular dystrophy in his hand due to a stroke, signed the certificate, the couple burst into happy tears.

"Thank you for loving us. We will try harder to live our lives, for us, for you, and for every one of you who loves us," wrote Lin.

At the end of her post, Lin also cannot hold back her excitement for her new identity: "This is unbelievable! I am someone's wife now!"

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Took photos with puppy before registering their marriage

Hsiao's agency, ChinaFun Entertainment Ltd, also posted a video on Facebook documenting the couple's day heading down to Taiwan's household registration office for their marriage registration.

In the video, Lin could be seen wearing a white dress with a black top, while Hsiao was dressed in a white high-collar shirt and black pants.

The couple proceeded to take a few photos together with their puppy before heading to the household registration office by car.

After arriving at the household registration office while holding hands, the couple signed and submitted their forms.

Hsiao appeared to be amazed by how fast the entire process was, as he said to the camera, "This is it?" when retrieving his updated identification card (Taiwanese authorities will add one's spouse's name to one's identification card upon marriage).

After leaving the household registration office, the couple posed a heart with their arms in front of their vehicle while someone congratulated them, "Wishing the two of you happiness!" off camera.

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