Sembawang bazaar with Muslim-owned stalls selling satay at S$0.20 a stick

Go early to avoid disappointment.

Fiona Tan | September 15, 2023, 11:42 AM



Love satay?

A bazaar in Sembawang is selling satay at S$0.20 per stick.

A's Family Satay at Bazaar Lambak open till Sep. 24

The bazaar, Bazaar Lambak, is located opposite Sembawang Bus interchange, according to the TikTok video by a local lobang (good deal) sharing social media platform aptly named @makcikalertsg.

The social media platform is founded and run by three sisters — Aldila Mustapha, Sophiela Mustapha and Noorhayati Mustapha.

The S$0.20 satay is from booth number 25 and is named A's Family Satay, as identified by Aldila during her walk-through of the then yet-to-be-ready bazaar.

She said in the video that the bazaar will be open from Sep. 14 to 23.

Limit of 50 sticks/person, stall selling 1,000 sticks/day

The TikTok video has since gone viral, garnering over 100,000 views and 5,000 likes.

While Aldila had said in the video that there are no limits to the number of satay sticks a person can buy, the platform said in a subsequent comment that the stall has since implemented a limit of 50 sticks per person.

According to the comment left by a relative of the satay stall owner, there are only 1,000 satay sticks available for sale each day.

The relative urged interested individuals to head down early to avoid disappointment.

More food and drinks stalls, all Muslim-owned

True enough, the satays were sold out when Aldila headed down on the bazaar's opening day, Sep. 14, 2023.

However, there are other stalls selling food and drinks such as roti kukus (steamed bread), roti john, rice dumplings, mee goreng, air batu (ice pops) and prepacked snacks.

All of the stalls are Muslim-owned.

Patrons can enjoy their food and drinks at a seating area that is right in front of the stage, where there will be live performances.

There is also a play area, games and rides for kids, and a karaoke competition.

About the bazaar

You can watch @makcikalertsg's TikTok videos below.

@makcikalertsg Bazaar Lambak by @Adex International ♬ original sound - makcikalertsg

@makcikalertsg Bazaar Lambak opp Sembawang Bus Interchange Happening 14 to 24 Sep 23 1130am to 10pm Semua vendors muslim-owned , pasti Halal! Follow @adexintl ♬ original sound - makcikalertsg

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