S'poreans advised to vote in the afternoon due to morning queue build-up: ELD

Vote later.

Fiona Tan | September 01, 2023, 09:48 AM


WhatsappUpdate, Sep. 1, 10:32am: ELD confirmed that the queue situation has "improved at most polling stations", and that technical issues with the e-registration system are progressively being resolved.

Singaporeans casting their votes today are advised to go at a later time.

Vote later

The Elections Department (ELD) Singapore issued a statement at 8:40am on Sep. 1, 2023, informing voters of a queue build-up at some polling stations.

As such, voters are advised to arrive at the polling station later in the day as they can vote until 8pm.

ELD recommended voting in the afternoon as queues are usually shorter then.

"We seek voters’ patience and understanding as we clear the morning queue."

Queue situations around the island at the time of writing

Some readers told Mothership that they saw a long queue and experienced a long waiting time when voting on Sep. 1 morning.

On their SingPass mobile application, the statuses of their respective polling stations were indicated in orange or varying shades of red.

Image courtesy of Mothership reader.

A reader voting at Block 8A, Jalan Kukoh, said they waited around 50 minutes.

The queue spilt out of the tent and snaked around the HDB flat near the polling station.

The reader heard election officials advising people who found the queue too long to return later.

Image courtesy of Mothership reader.

Image courtesy of Mothership reader.

Another Mothership reader, who was voting at Temasek Polytechnic, saw that their polling status was maroon red and indicated that there were over 200 voters at the polling station at that time.

Despite this, the reader told Mothership they only had to wait around 15 minutes.

The reader added that the agents on the ground quickly moved the queue and that the queue build-up was cleared in 30 minutes.

Image courtesy of Mothership reader.

Other readers, however, saw no queues at the polling stations and were in and out within minutes.

A reader voting at Block 697 Hougang said the process took less than three minutes.

Image courtesy of Mothership reader.

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Top image courtesy of Mothership reader