9 out of 10 in S'pore $1 billion money laundering case get fresh charges, last man still in hospital

They are Su Baolin, Chen Qingyuan, Su Wenqiang, Wang Dehai, Lin Baoying, and Wang Bosen.

Winnie Li | August 31, 2023, 07:25 PM



The cases of the 10 foreign nationals arrested and charged over their suspected involvement in the S$1 billion money laundering case were heard in district court on Aug. 30, 2023.

The prosecution tendered new charges for nine out of the 10 accused. The last person, Su Haijin, didn't receive new charges as he's still recovering from fractures from jumping off a balcony during the arrest.

#1 Su Baolin: One new charge

Cambodian national Su Baolin, 41, was given a new charge of forgery, bringing his total number of charges to two.

According to charge sheets, he allegedly submitted a forged document to Standard Chartered Bank around December 2020.

The document, dated Dec. 20, 2019, was purported to be a "Borrowing Agreement" and was allegedly executed between him and another individual named Se Liang.

#2 Chen Qingyuan: Three new charges

Chen Qingyuan, 33, also a Cambodian national, was handed three new charges of possessing property representing the benefits of criminal conduct, bringing his total number of charges to four.

Charge sheets show Chen was purportedly in possession of around S$6.25 million in his six bank accounts under Citibank Singapore, a white Land Rover, and cryptocurrencies, which represent benefits from his alleged unlawful remote gambling offences.

#3 Su Wenqiang: One new charge

The third Cambodian national, Su Wenqiang, 31, was given a new charge of converting benefits from his criminal conduct by purchasing a Mercedes Benz vehicle for S$500,000 around Jan. 28, 2022.

Su allegedly provided an unlawful remote gambling service based in the Philippines for persons in the People's Republic of China, which would be considered an offence if the conduct had occurred in Singapore.

To date, Su faced a total of two charges.

#4 Wang Dehai: One new charge

Cypriot national Wang Dehai, 34, was handed a new charge of converting benefits from his criminal conduct and purchasing a residential unit at "The Marq", a condominium located in Orchard, for S$23 million around Nov. 29, 2019.

Like Su, he had also purportedly provided an unlawful remote gambling service based in the Philippines for persons in the People's Republic of China.

Wang was given a total of two charges by the court thus far.

#5 Wang Baosen: One new charge

Wang Baosen, a 31-year-old Chinese national, received a second charge for possessing a black Toyota vehicle, representing benefits from his alleged unlawful remote gambling offences.

If convicted of possessing property representing benefits of criminal conduct, an accused could be given a fine not exceeding S$500,000, an imprisonment term not exceeding 10 years, or both.

#6 Lin Baoying: Two new charges

Lin Baoying, 43, also a Chinese national, was handed a fresh charge for forging an agreement for the sale of a property located in Macau, which she purportedly owned, sometime between Jul. 14 and Jul. 23, 2020.

She allegedly intended to use the document to cheat Overseas-Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC) that she owned the said property, had sold it, and had received proceeds from the sale.

For each count of forgery with the purpose of cheating, Lin could face an imprisonment term of up to 10 years and a fine.

She was also handed another new charge for intentionally perverting the course of justice in an investigation related to the aforementioned agreement.

Charge sheets show she allegedly lied to a Commercial Affairs officer from the Singapore Police Force on Jun. 8, 2022, that her assistant "Xiao Chen" prepared the agreement.

For each count of intentionally perverting the course of justice, Lin could face an imprisonment term of up to seven years, a fine, or both.

#7 Zhang Ruijin: Two new charges

Zhang Ruijin, a 44-year-old Chinese national arrested with Lin Baoying, was given two fresh charges of forgery, bringing his total charges to three.

According to charge sheets, his charges also relate to a property in Macau, in which he forged documents of the sale of property intending to cheat CIMB Bank.

#8 Su Haijin: No new charges

40-year-old Cypriot National Su Haijin did not receive new charges.

Shin Min Daily News reported that the prosecution said Su fractured his bones and underwent surgery on Monday, so he could not provide his statement for three days.

Previously, Su was photographed being caught barefoot in shorts outside his Good Class Bungalow (GCB) along Ewart Park after allegedly jumping from his balcony on the second floor to escape arrest.

Additionally, as the police seized a total asset of S$160 million and 24 electronic devices, they would need more time to collect evidence, Shin Min reported the prosecution as saying.

The prosecution also revealed evidence suggesting that a third party had attempted to scatter the assets under Su's name, indicating that Su was in contact with individuals from overseas.

In response, Su's lawyer emphasised that Su did not attempt to resist arrest. Instead, he happened to fall to the ground from his balcony.

Additionally, the source of Su's funds is easily traceable, and the business entities registered under his name are his own.

#9 Vang Shuiming, four new charges

Vang Shuiming, a 42-year-old Turkish national, was handed four new charges.

He now faces a total of five charges.

The fresh charges are for possessing more than S$2 million in multiple bank accounts, allegedly criminal benefits from unlicensed moneylending in China.

#10 Su Jianfeng, three new charges

Ni-Vanuatu national Su Jianfeng, 35, received three new charges of possessing S$17 million cash, allegedly criminal benefits from illegal remote gambling.

Charge sheets showed that the S$17 million was found in three safe deposit boxes held by a security company.

Su Jianfeng faces a total of four charges.

Top images via Shin Min Daily News