Coco Lee's sisters break down during funeral, accuse a person of causing her death

Many speculated that the sisters were referring to Coco's husband, Bruce Rockowitz.

Winnie Li | August 01, 2023, 03:04 PM



Coco Lee's sisters, Carol Lee and Nancy Lee, have publicly accused an unnamed person of causing her death.

The siblings' public comments were made during the Hong Kong funeral service of the late singer on Jul. 31, 2023.

The scene was captured live on camera as Nancy was livestreaming Coco's funeral services on YouTube so that the latter's fans from around the world could also pay their respects to the late pop diva.

What happened

Approximately 2.5 hours into the livestream, a man dressed in a black suit walked up to Carol and Nancy to offer his condolences.

It was then that Nancy could no longer hold back her emotions and began to weep loudly.

She could be heard telling the man multiple times that "[the person] had taken away my sister!" ("佢攞走咗我個妹呀").

Carol, who was also sobbing, added that what her sister meant was that the said person had caused Coco's passing and even called the person a "jerk" ("衰人"):

"What [Nancy] meant was that that person had caused my sister's death! That person had caused my sister's death! That jerk had caused my sister's death!"

Shortly after the sisters made their remarks, the camera zoomed out of them, and the audio was muted for the next five minutes.

Who is that person?

Although Coco's sisters have never specified who they were referring to by "the person", nor did they specify the person's gender, many speculated that they were referring to Coco's husband and Canadian businessman, Bruce Rockowitz.

Since the beginning of 2023, rumours that the couple's decade-long marriage had come to an end as a result of Rockowitz's repeated extramarital affairs had begun circulating online, reported HK01.

Coupled with the lack of support from her two stepdaughters, who chose to side with their father, Coco reportedly lost a significant amount of weight and was even seen wearing a drainage bag at one point.

In an interview with Hong Kong's TVB on Sunday, Nancy also confirmed that Coco and Rockowitz had lived separately before her passing, according to Chinese media outlet Sohu entertainment.

"I loved Coco my whole life": Rockowitz

While Coco's sisters have never publicly attributed Coco's death to Rockowitz, many of her fans believed that he was to be blamed for the deterioration of her mental health and her eventual passing.

When the businessman made an appearance in the crematorium where Coco's body was scheduled to be cremated on the morning of Aug. 1, many fans shouted, "Give Coco back to us" and "Go to hell, Bruce", reported Taiwanese news outlet, TVBS.

However, Rockowitz didn't respond to the attacks and only said, "I loved Coco my whole life," when asked what he would like to say to his late wife.


On Jul. 5, Nancy announced via a Weibo post that Coco had passed away after committing suicide at the latter's home on Jul. 2.

She also revealed that Coco had been afflicted with depression and had been battling with it since a few years ago.

Many celebrities have paid tribute to the late pop diva publicly, including Taiwanese singer A-Mei, who sang Coco's song, "我依然是你的情人" ("I Am Still Your Lover"), while tearing up at her concert in Singapore on Jul. 7.


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