3 men & 1 woman, aged 16-50, allegedly stole 2 'Singapore' caps & branded goods at Orchard Road

The stolen items are worth about S$2,420 in total.

Fiona Tan | July 09, 2023, 12:11 AM

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Three men and one woman aged between 16 and 50 allegedly went on a stealing spree along Orchard Road recently, swiping over 20 items from store shelves.

According to the Singapore Police Force's (SPF) Jul. 7, 2023 news release, officers received two reports of luxury items being stolen from shops along Orchard Road on Jul. 6.

Tanglin Division officers established the identities of the four persons through extensive follow-up investigations.

The four individuals were arrested on Jul. 7 for their suspected involvement in a series of shop theft cases along Orchard Road.

They were found with over 20 stolen goods, which included branded Tommy Hilfiger and Fendi apparel, a travel adaptor, three holographic bottles, and two caps with the word "Singapore", amongst others.

Image courtesy of the Singapore Police Force.

SPF estimated that the stolen items are collectively worth about S$2,420.

The four individuals were charged in court on Jul. 8, 2023 with theft in dwelling with common intention.

If convicted, they can be jailed up to seven years and face a fine.

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Top image from Anthony Schubert/Google Maps and the Singapore Police Force