Auntie got so excited she hit older auntie in front of her & other NDP 2019 highlights

Our home, our heart, our Singapore.

Nyi Nyi Thet |Kayla Wong | August 9, 2019 @ 08:39 pm


If you didn’t catch NDP 2019, or if you just want a refresher from the three hour monster, here it is.

The crazy outfits

Here are Joakim and Sonia at any other time of the year.

Here they are on NDP.

Some real cool guests

Photo credit to ROSLAN RAHMAN/AFP/Getty Images

And matchy-matchy shirts.



Bubble tea contingent represent.

Avengers and Naruto

One of the themes played in the lead-up to the mobile column sounded like the iconic Avengers theme where they all came out of portals during Endgame.

And people noticed.

Also, Naruto as well.

Merdeka generation tribute

One of the standout events was the touching tribute to the Merdeka generation.

Screenshot from NDPeeps YT channel/Channel 5
Screenshot from NDPeeps YT channel/Channel 5

And this outstanding fade at the end.

Screenshot from NDPeeps YT channel/Channel 5


Other immensely interesting items were the video packages from Singasporeans talking about the real issues they faced and had to overcome.

Including a heartwrenching piece about a nurse who served at the height of the HIV epidemic.

All of the pieces were great.

The video packages were punctuated by an awesome music performance by, among others, rappers Fariz Jabba and Yung Raja.

With an equally charismatic performance by Danial “Wheelsmith” Bawthan, who had a great video package as well.

They then transitioned into a rousing rendition of “Stand up for Singapore”.

Also, giant lion.

Screenshot from NDPeeps YT channel/Channel 5
Screenshot from NDPeeps YT channel/Channel 5

And Ramli Sarip!

With everything rounding off to a touching rendition of Home (the greatest NDP song).

The pledge

Over the backdrop of exploding fireworks, Ramli Sarip gave his very own spin to the pledge.

It’s really something.

Here’s an excellent compilation piece by Tedd Jong with Ramli Sarip’s Majulah Singapura.

Auntie slapping auntie

The National Day parade was good, while there were some parts people might not particularly want to revisit again, the video packages were top notch and the Merdeka generation tribute was really tastefully done.

And the thing is, the people were enthralled, perhaps none more so than this auntie who was watching the Red Lions.

In case you can’t see it.

This is home.

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