The Real Singapore made AU$474,000 in Google ad revenue in 17 months from Dec. 2013 to April 2015

Website was a money-making racket.

Belmont Lay| March 08, 06:38 PM

Court documents obtained on March 8, 2016, showed that the now-defunct The Real Singapore (TRS) website was ascertained, in the course of investigations against TRS, to have raked in close to half a million dollars in the span of one and a half years.

Month Amount paid by Google (AU$)
April 2015 49, 306.75
March 2015 40,096.91
February 2015 47,511.71
January 2015 53,543.94
December 2014 39,552.75
November 2014 33,135.23
October2014 27,105.62
September 2014 22,323.32
August 2014 21,035.28
July 2014 28,744.90
June 2014 23,886.85
May 2014 19,856.80
April 2014 22,311.42
March 2014 18,718.85
February 2014 26,292.71
January 2014 23,276.70
December 2013 26,201.57
Total 473,594.56

According to advertising material produced by the Japanese-born TRS administrator Ai Takagi, 23, who is an Australian citizen, the vast majority of visitors to the TRS website -- over 95% of all visitors -- were from Singapore.


More popular than mainstream news sites

Takagi had relied on information obtained from a web analytics company, which stated that the TRS website was, at one point, ranked as the 35th most popular website amongst Internet users in Singapore.

It was more popular than the websites of The Straits Times (ranked 36th), Channel NewsAsia (ranked 41st), Stomp (ranked 58th), and Today Online (ranked 100th).

As at Feb. 17, 2015, the TRS website had more than 140,000 unique visitors per day and almost 2.6 million unique visitors per month. As at 17 February 2015, the TRS website had in excess of 360,000 daily pageviews and almost 13 million monthly pageviews.


Takagi had prepared advertising presentation

In the course of investigations, a presentation entitled, “Advertising with”, which was prepared by Takagi sometime in 2013, was also recovered.

In this presentation, Takagi highlights key site statistics for the TRS website and specifically highlights numerous options for advertisement placement on the TRS website, together with the cost associated for each option.

In addition, in the presentation, Takagi offered to work together with advertisers to provide advertorials, for publication as articles, during peak hours on the TRS website.


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