In Guangzhou, China, durian chicken hot pot is a real dish

What did I just watch?

Belmont Lay| March 21, 04:15 AM

So, this popped up on Facebook on Sunday, March 20: Durian chicken hot pot served in China.

href="">Durian Hot Pot in China

Is this the world's stinkiest hot pot? Or most flavourful? Durian chicken hot pot in China is all the rage right now. You either love it or hate it. Full video here: by The Food Ranger on Saturday, 19 March 2016

The spiky Southeast Asian tropical fruit somehow made its way up north and got incorporated into the most unheard of fusion cuisine ever.

And this heck of a find was unearthed by Trevor James, also known as The Food Ranger, who goes around the world making YouTube videos of local food and talking about it.

In this latest episode, he and his host in Guangzhou, China, tried out durian chicken hot pot, which is like a regular normal thing over there, where the Chinese people have been ordering and eating it without flinching.

A cursory search online throws up at least one recipe on how to go about making your own durian chicken soup at home. Yes, it is as easy as mashing durian up and putting it into the pot as part of the soup base.

According to the foodies, durian with chicken is amazing, although a little oily, as James describes durian as very creamy, soft and almost like butterscotch, caramel-ly and stenchy at the same time.

As per the video, the cost is affordable: An extra 500g serving of durian goes for 88 yuan (S$18) and the bill came up to 303 yuan (S$64) for a pot.

You probably expect this dish or a variation of it to make its way to Singapore anytime soon, since we have ample durians and chickens.

Check out the video here:

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