Veteran S'porean chef-restaurateur Jimmy Chok openly declares he hates food bloggers

He hates Michelin star ratings too.

Belmont Lay| February 03, 12:57 PM

Veteran chef, culinary extraordinaire, consultant and owner of JC Concepts Jimmy Chok has a message for food bloggers: He hates you.

In an interview with local news and commentary site Six-Six, Chok the straight-talker went on record to categorically declare his feelings for the Internet scribes who act like they know what it means to cook and eat.

Chok, who has designed and launched menus at several restaurants, such as Salt Restaurant Singapore and Coriander Leaf Restaurant, and who was once the Executive Chef and F&B Manager at The Academy Bistro, didn't mince his words.

He said:

I hate them. [Laughs] Food bloggers and writers are the most feared, (speaking) as a chef.

Food bloggers, in particular now, are very young people, okay? Are very young people.

I've been learning 20 years how to cook and I'm still learning after 20 years. How can a 20-year-old come and tell me he can eat better than...

I've lost a lot of respect for bloggers, seriously.

They are all paid, they are doing it for the money. There's an incident once he argued with a restaurant over a review? He brought four person to go and eat at a restaurant but he was only invited one person. Isn't that taking advantage of the situation? It's not the first time things ever happen. So I'm sorry, you know, ya, you want to do this as a career, fine, but don't do it at other people's expense.

I feel very strongly about these things but a lot of times when I say this, no one dares to write it. They scared they offend people. I even have magazines come to me and say... If you dare to write what I say, I'll say it. You don't want to write just to be nice, then don't ask me questions.

Watch the video here:

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Not only did he spit venom on food bloggers, he also said he hated the introduction of objective measures, such as the Michelin star ratings to Singapore, as it would only make food more expensive when people's liking for food is subjective.


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