S'poreans urged to exercise their genitalia early & responsibly to conceive young

Ads on MRT trains to target your down there.

Belmont Lay| February 02, 12:08 PM

Singaporeans' genitalia are currently the target of graphic sperm and egg advertisements placed right in your face in trains that operate along the North East Line.

Paid for by non-profit organisation I Love Children, they peddle simplistic one-dimensional truisms in a bid to urge Singaporeans to conceive at a younger age.

For example, one half-truth peddled as hard fact is: Having more sex won't up your chances at pregnancy.


This is the same volunteer parenthood group that was lampooned in October 2015 for saying that it wanted to get people from as young as 19 years old to start thinking of having children by planning games, such as Escape Room Adventures with parenthood messages.

However, as you let the sentence above sink in, it is definitely not all as hunky-dory, or as idealistic, or as simple-minded as this group of deluded people have imagined.

On the I Love Children Facebook page, reality of having offspring at too tender a age has set in for at least one person who left the following review about finding out the "ugly truth":

i'm one of the couple who are interviewed during the 2011 valentine day newspaper interview. Although we started...

Posted by Kv Tan on Sunday, October 25, 2015


In case the above review gets removed, here it is in full:

Hi, i'm one of the couple who are interviewed during the 2011 valentine day newspaper interview. Although we started with joy of starting a family but now we realise the ugly truth. Hope the singapore budget 2016 can add enhancement to the parenthood package to cater for family with more then 1 child as having more child will increase the cost, time and efforts eg child care cost. Eg more child care subsidies and child care leave for 2nd and more child eg 8 days if have 2 kids, 10 days if have 3 kids just like how sg teachers are having now as ccl is totally not sifficient if there's more then 1 kid. Child care cost double for 2 kids and is a strain on mid range salaried families. even ntuc my first school child care center cost is increasing and soon will hit more then $800 pm next year whereas some private school are capped at $800 yet MFS does not include any enrichment lesson in their sch fees. Currently the baby bonus package cater to tempt couple to give birth to 1st child but not to help convince that the govt is sincerely provide help to mid range family as low income family pay near $0 for their child care, taxes and rebate is more useful to high earning mothers. Thanks

Posted 2 Jan 2016 5:55 pm


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