This video of a very muscular man in Singapore is the strangest thing ever

It might attract a certain demographic of tourists to Singapore.

He Ruiming| January 31, 02:01 PM

A video of a very muscular man prancing in very tight underwear and singing in various parts of Singapore and elsewhere in Asia is making its rounds on Facebook.

The video, posted by a certain Kenneth Tan, has the following caption:

of Adele's latest hit single, "Hello", produced for the Singapore Tourism Board.

Posted by Kenneth Tan on Friday, 29 January 2016

We're going to save the folks at the Singapore Tourism Board some trouble and confirm that this video is not commissioned by them, produced for them or done by them, but instead was made by one Bryan Hawn – the very same man in the video.

How do we know? The video was originally uploaded to YouTube in November last year and actually features locations that are not in Singapore. (Also, if you manage to sit through to the end there's an ugly white screen that says

According to his website, Hawn is many things:

- a '#1 best-selling health and fitness author',

- singer,

- actor as well as

- an accomplished underwear and swimwear salesman.

He appears to have sung the song himself.

We understand you might not want to sit through the entire almost five-minute video, though, so are some highlights in GIFs.

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We hope this particular scene didn't take place in Singapore, because if it did, this fellow really should be fined for feeding those macaques.

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If you really enjoyed that, feel free to check out his YouTube Channel here.

This is as far as we will go.


Top image: Screenshot from video

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