This nifty guide to lion dance shows that you don't actually know much about it

Did you know you shouldn't touch a lion's mirror or that red ribbon on its head?

Jeanette Tan| January 21, 03:35 PM

A series of cute drawings explaining the ins-and-outs and dos-and-don'ts of lion dance has been making its rounds on Facebook, courtesy of a local lion dance troupe.

Created by Taiwanese-American artist Ireny Pigblorps (or at least, that's what she writes on her blog), "the beginner's guide to chinese lion dance" would give pretty much anyone who isn't a lion dance practitioner a new takeaway about the craft — certainly a sport in its own right.

Here are some of our favourites (although honestly, you should go through them in the order presented on her blog):

For the uninitiated:

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For the REALLY uninitiated:

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Betcha didn't know all of the things here:

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For those not used to being approached by a performer while standing innocently in the crowd:

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And this very important one, in multicultural societies such as ours:

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See the whole series of drawings here.

(H/T: Singapore Hequan Institute of Wushu & Lion Dance)

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