Here's one timetable for you to deposit money, because Chinese New Year

Huat Ah!

Jonathan Lim| January 09, 01:26 PM

Chinese New Year is upon us in a month's time.

One of the most curious practices of the Chinese during this period is the depositing of money at 'auspicious' times on Feb 4 2016 in accordance to one's Chinese Zodiac.

Feb 4, known as Li Chun on the Chinese calendar, was significant for farmers looking for a bountiful harvest in the past.

And at least one such timetable for depositing money has gone viral already. It was written on a blog by 65daigou, a shipment forwarder:

Image composed from screenshot of 65daigou's blog Image composed from screenshot of 65daigou's blog

According to 65daigou, here's the guideline to depositing money: Dress in the 'Lucky Colours' of your Zodiac sign and deposit cash amounts which include 'Lucky Numbers'.

For example, a person born in the year of the Dragon will prosper the most by dressing in Silver, Gold, and Hoary and depositing money at a deposit machine between 3 to 4.59 a.m.

Not sure if you'll scare anyone in the middle of the night dressed like that at an ATM. But rules are rules.

There are other rules that other people abide by, like how the money you deposit must be your salary, bonus, or lottery winnings. Yet others swear that doing Internet Banking transfers are sufficient.

There are other conspiracy theorists who say that this is all a ploy by the banks to increase deposits.

Should superstition be followed? Should we say 'sorry' in as many languages as possible when we pee in the wild? Must we take the red string at wakes and discard them afterwards? Are any of these timetables accurate? Which Feng Shui Grandmaster divined these?

Who truly knows? Just follow and do lor.

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