Here are the junior college cut-off points entry scores for 2016

One comes to us as a bit of a surprise.

Belmont Lay | January 29, 2016 @ 12:09 pm

The latest cut-off points for the 19 institutions were released on Jan. 28, 2016, when the Ministry of Education (MOE) notified students of the schools they were posted to for the new year.

Raffles Institution and Hwa Chong Institution were the two toughest JCs to get into, with cut-off points of three and four for its science and arts courses.

The Leicester City of junior colleges is Nanyang JC, which found itself at an unfamiliar seventh position as it continued its climb up the table.

Its entry scores were seven and six points for its arts and science courses respectively.

Just seven years ago, its entry requirement for both courses was 10 points.

Here’s how the rest of the league table looks like, with Jurong JC, Yishun JC and Innova JC in relegation zone.


JC cut-off points for 2016 Arts Science/ International Baccalaureate
Raffles Institution 4 3
Hwa Chong Institution 4 4
Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)* 5
Victoria JC 6 5
National JC 6 5
St Joseph Institution* 6
Nanyang JC 7 6
Anglo-Chinese JC 7 7
Anderson JC 9 8
Temasek JC 9 9
St Andrew’s JC 9 9
Catholic JC 10 10
Meridian JC 10 10
Serangoon JC 11 11
Pioneer JC 13 12
Tampines JC 13 13
Jurong JC 15 15
Yishun JC 17 16
Innova JC 20 20

*Schools that offer International Baccalaureate instead of A levels

About 27,600 students were allocated places in post-secondary institutions in the latest exercise.

Of these, 36 percent were posted to a JC or Millennia Institute, which offers a three-year A-level programme. This is slightly more than the 34 percent who got into JCs last year.

This year, 56 percent of students were posted to a polytechnic, compared with 58 percent last year.

In both years, 8 percent of the cohorts went to the Institute of Technical Education.


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