Crab in da Bag gets a 2-star review on Facebook, reacts passive-aggressively to win customer back

So crabby.

Jonathan Lim| January 04, 12:30 PM

If you're running the social media account of an F&B business, this is a useful case study of how NOT to react when you receive a 2-star review (which cannot be hidden or deleted from Facebook) from a customer.

So this customer, Joan Soon, gave a 2-star review for Crab in da Bag (CIDB) at SportsHub:

joan soon review

Here's CIDB's first response:

Crab in da bag first response

You know this is going to go viral when it involves watching CCTV footage to count number of mussels a customer has eaten.

Also, we are not sure how appropriate it is for a business to put it out on a public platform that a customer has mutual friends with the business-owner, and also to highlight the customer's employer.

Here's Joan Soon's side of the story after 'watch CCTV for mussels' response:

joan soon review 2

And here's how CIDB carried on with its service recovery:

Crab in da bag second response

Perhaps the person running CIDB's Facebook page should read other comments to get a sense of whether their service recovery efforts are going well or not:

crab in da bag review

The founder of CIDB has come forth with a contrite apology and proper service recovery:

crab in da bag apology


Was the response to Joan Soon's 2-star review an anomaly?

Here's how it responded to a 1-star review:

crab in da bag 1 star

crab in da bag 1 star 1

A quick study of the CIDB Facebook page shows that they respond well to 5-star reviews, thanking customers and personalising each response, if any, as such:

cidb 5 star

There were four 4-star reviews, each response CIDB gave included a sentence to the effect of them working hard to achieve 5-stars, like this one below:

cidb 4 star

It seems that CIDB is very committed to achieving 5-star reviews.

Perhaps the person running the CIDB Facebook page can take cue from CIDB's founder in responding to negative reviews.

This was taken from the CIDB branch at Big Splash:

FireShot Capture 19 - Melissa Lim - Ordered 4 dishes_ tiger _ - https___www.facebook.com_shoutohel


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