After 5 years and 3 tries, Desmond Choo finally gets to speak in Parliament

And he's the first newbie MP to speak.

Tan Xing Qi| January 25, 06:24 PM

Two elections and one by-election later, Desmond Choo finally stepped into Parliament to deliver his maiden speech on Monday afternoon (Jan. 25).

The 37-year-old must be feeling a lot like this inside:

Source: Giphy Source: Giphy

But of course, it's Parliament and it deserves the utmost respect. So a white, slightly-oversized shirt à la Minister of Finance Heng Swee Keat – also Choo's boss in Tampines GRC – is in order.

Source: Heng Swee Keat's Facebook page Source: Heng Swee Keat's Facebook page

Choo, being NTUC's Director of Youth Development, spoke up for millennials and their aspirations:

1. The selfie generation will lead us to SG100 selfie fail

"The next 50 years will be shaped by Gen Y, or millennials, and Gen Z. That's why I'll be focusing on how we can best help our millennials and young workers succeed at work, at home and in society."

2. There's more than just work-life balance for millennials

"First, young workers aspire to be successful across different facets of their lives. We often hear that the younger workers are only concerned about work-life balance. But I believe what many meant is not only career success important but so are family and social success. They want latitude in managing their time to explore personal growth."

3. Job hoppers, they are not

"...Young workers believe in chasing growth and learning curves. It is not uncommon to hear employers lament that young workers just do not stay long enough in the job to learn sufficiently. My dialogues with many of the young workers reveal that some left their jobs because they felt that they are not learning much anymore. Or when the career paths are not clear. Or when they cannot identify with the work of the company.

4. Some millennials are quite tough one, ok?

Source Source


"The older millennials have proven to be resilient as they experienced tough times entering the workforce during the 2008 global financial recession. If we harness the strengths of Millennials and are willing to look for ways to support them, they can take us boldly and purposefully into SG100."

5. How to engage these young workers? Here's some koyok

"I would also encourage the government agencies to work closely with Labour Movement’s Unions and U Associates for access to networks and mentorship. This can allow for faster scaling, leveraging on existing resources. For instance, NTUC has the Young Engineers Leadership Programme where young engineers can attend talks and network with senior professionals in their field. Young NTUC holds its CrossRoads programs to link students and young working adults to industry captains."

  And since he's a new father, he must know all the pains of a mum, especially working mums.

Source: Desmond Choo's Facebook page. Source: Desmond Choo's Facebook page.

6. Now, here's something to score some brownie points for working mums.

He mooted this idea of a 8-week Flexi-Work Arrangement to ease a mother's transition from caring for a baby full time to the daily grind. During these eight weeks, the mother can telecommute or work staggered hours.


Top photo from Channel NewsAsia's video.

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