14 S’porean or S’pore-based non-influencer Instagram accounts you should be following

These folks are a breath of fresh air from the infestation of vaunted "influencers".

By Eisabess Chee | January 7, 2016

Most people use Instagram to fuss over supposedly good-looking humans wearing the nicest, trendiest clothes and eating at the latest, hippest joints. But if, unlike most people, you see Instagram as a means to getting a daily fix of legit visual candy, this is the list of users you should be following:

1. Nguan @_nguan_

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Nguan is a Singaporean photographer whose photos have an unmistakeable pink hue to them that speaks of a precocious yearning for lost years. Many of the settings he captures also have a saturated nostalgic vibe to them that evokes the 90’s without resorting to banal sepia overtones. See his “Singapore” series for some local heartache.

2. Marc Tan @coolbeancake

emptiness. A photo posted by Marc Tan (@coolbeancake) on

Marc Tan’s primary subject matter are unoccupied spaces, areas caught between light and shadow and people isolated from the crowd or who are the crowd itself. His camera also has a voyeuristic tendency to it and is always spying things or humans from a sheltered distance, thereby giving his photos a very ‘accidental’ feel. All of them come accompanied with a coloured border.

3. Lenne Chai @lenneigh

Lenne Chai’s photography alternates between on location and studio shoots, but both – which she uploads in trios – are equally gripping. If the former, she deftly exploits lighting to seize certain expressions from her models; if the latter, she expertly arranges her subjects against arresting backgrounds for sharp, crisp images. She was also the camerawoman behind The Sam Willows’ album cover.

4. Jasper Tan @vilecorpses

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Jasper is a self-declared “Filmmaker and icecreamkia”, according to his Instagram bio. He also recently collaborated with girlfriend Savina Chai @savinachaiyj, Creative Director of Eight Slate to produce a fashion short called ‘Au Revoir’. His feed heavily features the act of smoking in various poses, a lot of standing and lying around, as well as textures in its many forms.

5. @triipsss

Stuck in between

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@triipsss is one of the up-and-coming street photographers of Singapore. His take on this concrete jungle’s landscape includes mesmerising nighttime reflections in the waters, high contrast long-exposure shots and upturned perspectives of our tallest steel-and-mortar buildings. Keep a lookout for this guy.

6. Hosanna Swee @hforhozzie

Balancing acts cc. @thegentlestudio. A photo posted by Hosanna Swee (@hforhozzie) on

Hosanna Swee’s muted pastels and washed-out, marbled aesthetic would please the postmodern minimalist. Her feed is regularly updated with work she does for clients alongside photos she snaps for leisure of her outfits and everyday objects alike. She also has an eye for vast, expansive milieus such as the deserts and the seas.

7. Lydia Yang @oakandbindi

Lydia Yang, who goes by Oak & Bindi, is a Singaporean illustrator and one-quarter of the collective Tell Your Children @tellyourchildren. Her brisk art is bathed in pop colours that have found homes on the walls of The Madbury Club, SEEKofficial.com and Spize. See more of her art here.

8. @deonasaurus

@deonasaurus is another member of Tell Your Children @tellyourchildren. His feed is a gleefully brilliant mix of personal work, work with TYC as well as photographs from his day-to-day life.

9. qi @runyoko

Brother’s Mash all built up ! 😍 shot it in the alleyway today

A photo posted by qi (@runyoko) on

Qi is another street photographer and biker enthusiast. He is one of two founders of Tokubetsu Na Mono, a small bicycle jersey startup. His photostream has a characteristic shallow depth of field, which makes them very pleasing to gaze at as they give off a sense of dark-hued ethereality.

10. Speak Cryptic @speakcryptic

#sketchbook A photo posted by Speak Cryptic (@speakcryptic) on

Farizwan Fajari, professionally known as Speak Cryptic, is a visual artist working and living in Singapore. He recently exhibited at Singapore: Inside Out, besides having a solo exhibition titled ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ in Italy in late 2015. He illustrates humanoid figures with quirky features, such as enlarged hands with fingers bent at awkward angles or overgrown heads of willowy worm-hair.

11. Juliana Tan @julianatan.co

Juliana Tan updates her feed with photos she takes on the go. An avid traveller, she is often shooting the moments in between shadows, skies and lonely-looking people with stories to tell. Colours often lend themselves to her photos as backdrops.

12. Daniel Yu @thedanielyu

Daniel Yu is a sculptor who works primarily with clay and resin and sculpt anthropomorphised creatures in all diversities of costumes. Will be your thing if you are into toy-sized monsters and mythical figures.

13. Munn @munnisk

Munn Iskandar’s photographs tend to be clean and white with a focus on space. See more of her work here at her blog, some of which are results gleaned from school projects.

14. Hannah Kamsadi @thepocketissue

Hannah Kamsadi is a marketing executive at Rockstar Singapore and was recently featured in an Urban spread that featured her love of all things bright and bold. Her penchant for vibrancy shows up very clearly in all her photos; her feed will instantly enliven your day.

Top photo from @thepockettissue’s Instagram account.

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