Nothing to see here, just Ho Ching taking photos with her bae

Just a Singaporean couple in their 60s on a holiday.

Jonathan Lim| December 18, 10:07 AM

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is on holiday in South Korea together with his wife Ho Ching, his first vacation there.

PM Lee has been known to take some pretty nifty photographs of scenery. Fans on his Facebook page may be lapping up PM Lee's holiday photograph posts, but it is his wife who is really stealing the thunder when documenting the couple's trip.

First it was wistful poems that accompanied her photographs and a photograph that made people go 'Awww', then now this:

Mdm Ho Ching PM Lee Just the Prime Minister and his bae.

Mdm Ho Ching PM Lee 1 What a stance.

Mdm Ho Ching PM Lee 2 Give this woman an Instagram account right now.

More of her photos through this page:

by HO Ching on Thursday, 17 December 2015


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Top image cropped from Ho Ching's Facebook.

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