Man who accused Changi Airport immigration officer of infringing his rights "honored" that people supported him

Wong: "I would never had [sic] expected an over pouring [sic] support for my stand against injustice".

Martino Tan| October 16, 06:15 PM

On Thursday, Facebook user PJ Wong became (in)famous online when his Facebook post titled “Know your rights” about his negative experience with an immigration officer went viral.

In case you are living under a rock: Wong was upset that he was randomly singled out for screening by a Changi Airport immigration officer. His particulars were taken down and was led into a search room after he repeatedly questioned the immigration officer's actions with a raised voice. In the end, Wong was let go after the immigration officer's superior got involved. (Read the full story here.)

This comment was posted by Wong on Friday morning (Oct. 16) after Thursday's brouhaha:


Wong said that he is "now feeling quite embarrassed" that he had made the post in the first place. We can only hope he is not drawing the wrong conclusions from the incident.

Okay, it seems he did get the slightest of hints that not everyone received his rant favourably:


Here's another hint from


An overwhelming 95 per cent of our readers think the ICA officer was doing his job.

Here's another hint for Wong: a Facebook page was set up in support of the ICA officer:


The last we checked, no Facebook page was set up for Wong.


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Top photo from Changi Airport's Facebook page.

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