Labour chief Chan Chun Sing wins NTUC election, proves that 2015 is his year

More than 90% voted for him

Tan Xing Qi| October 31, 10:16 AM

Barely seven weeks after anchoring and winning 77.71 percent of votes at Tanjong Pagar GRC, Chan Chun Sing followed up with another win.

According to Lianhe Zaobao, the labour chief, won more than 90% of the votes at the closed-door election at the National Delegates' Conference on Oct. 29 on his first try no less.

Come to think about it, 2015 is a really good year for Chan.

- He was made labour chief on May 4 and then Deputy Chairman of People's Association on Oct. 1.

- He runs two very large organisations -- NTUC and People's Association -- which with their thousands of members, can be mobilised for anything and everything in Singapore.

- He was made Party Whip for People's Action Party (PAP) at the latest Cabinet reshuffle. To put it in army lingo, he is the dreaded RSM who is in charge of discipline and strikes fear in both sergeants and corporals (read: PAP parliamentary back benchers)

- He was made Chairman of the PAP HQ Executive Committee just last week, taking over the reins from Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean. This leadership role will see him overseeing administration and coordination of PAP's activities across its 89 branches.



union leaders voted for their new NTUC Central Committee (CC) members at the NTUC National Delegates’ Conference...

Posted by Chan Chun Sing on Thursday, 29 October 2015


All his achievements this year probably made it an easy decision to vote for union leaders to vote him and why it makes sense that he won 90 percent of the votes.

As his first election as labour chief, all eyes are on him.

Even though a good result is a given, an excellent result will win the respect of people outside the unions -- especially the tripartite partners -- and establish his foothold in an arena where he's still really a greenhorn.

His epic win also goes a long way toward shushing up some of his critics because with all the talk about parachuting into NTUC, he managed to earn his stripes the democratic way.

And with this report card in hand, he has earned the trust of the unionist, who have effectively granted him the power and free rein to control and shape the future of Singapore's labour movement, something the ever-growing segment of PMEs and freelancers will wait with bated breath.

This A star result calls for an A star performance. And Chan better bring on his A game.

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