Workers' Party veteran supporter Lim Ee Ping used Hokkien 'barking dog' metaphor on K Shanmugam

Minister Shanmugam, an animal-lover, is not taking this as a compliment.

Martino Tan| September 05, 03:39 PM

Top photo by Edwin Koo.

Veteran Workers' Party (WP) supporter Lim Ee Ping is going to be famous soon.

"Uncle Lim", in WP candidate He Ting Ru's words, was supposed to be the warm-up opening act for WP's Nee Soon GRC team at Yishun stadium on Sept. 4, 2015 evening.

But his Hokkien speech has since received more views (5,691 views) than any Nee Soon GRC candidate, except Cheryl Low (6,157 views), as of Sept. 5, 3pm.


What is the reason for Lim's prominence? 

Lim, who joined the party in 1959, used a "barking dog" Hokkien metaphor on Foreign Affairs and Law Minister K Shanmugam during his passionate rally speech.

This prompted a response from Minister Shanmugam, the anchor Minister of People's Action Party (PAP) Nee Soon GRC team.

On his Facebook, he said that he found it "very regrettable that at an attack was made on the late Mr ‪#‎LeeKuanYew‬" and for calling Shanmugam himself a "barking dog".

Minister Shanmugam said that he found it "disappointing that the WP officially sanctions these vile personal attacks, against our founding PM who has passed away, and calling me a dog".

calls Mr Lee Kuan Yew a liar and me a barking dog --------------------I found it very regrettable that at an...

Posted by K Shanmugam Sc on Friday, September 4, 2015


Anyway, this is the moment last night when Lim used the "barking dog" metaphor:


Check out Lim's whole speech here (5:55)

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