The People at the Workers’ Party Marine Parade and MacPherson rally

We interview six out of the thousands who came to the WP rally last night.

By Ng Yi Shu | September 8, 2015

Even as we enter the final lap of election season, the crowds have been, as usual, crazy at most of the Workers’ Party’s election rallies.

Devotees come prepared – some with fancy props; many with their own chairs and tables.

We interview six Workers’ Party Marine Parade rally attendees on Sep. 7 to find out what they think:

Edward Eng, 21 and Joel Teo, 22, Aljunied GRC

Photo by Ng Yi Shu

Edward (left): “I do want to give my support in Marine Parade, because I think (here) would (see) one of the biggest fights; I really hope they do knock out (PAP’s Marine Parade candidate) Tan Chuan-Jin.”

Joel: “I’ve been to (WP) rallies almost every day since Nomination Day – I come for the atmosphere, to see how the crowd is like, and to show my support as well. I agree with Edward – I think the most important thing is to prevent a PAP supermajority in Parliament. For me, there are a lot of parts of the manifestos of the WP and SDP (Singapore Democratic Party) that I do disagree with, but I think when it comes down to it it’s more important that we have representation in Parliament.”

On their favourite WP speaker:

Edward: “Gerald Giam, definitely. Pritam Singh spoke well – I think, I loved how he took down the PAP on Aljunied Town Council.”

Joel: “Leon Perera – I think he spoke very well.”

Tiara, 21 and Mohammed Basuki, 30, Marine Parade GRC

Photo by Ng Yi Shu

Mohammed: “It seems like they want to help Singaporeans get a better job, for a better future, something different from what it is right now.”

Tiara: “It’s my first time here… I guess you could say that I’m a bit more neutral, but I just find that it’s okay if we were to have an opposition voice in Parliament – (if) we have an opposition party instead of just one ruling party.”

On his favourite WP speaker:

Mohammed: “Sylvia Lim – hopefully she can fight for us – the Singaporean middle class.”

Kenneth C, 30, undisclosed

Photo by Ng Yi Shu

“Marine Parade GRC is very hotly contested, and it’s worth checking out. We just want to come and experience the atmosphere.”

Daniel Koh, 38, Ang Mo Kio GRC

Photo by Ng Yi Shu

“Basically, I feel that the government has lost touch – we’re not voting only for ourselves. If we don’t do something right now, our future, our children, will be very jialat.”

“I’m supporting all the opposition (parties) – but Workers’ Party, in terms of branding, imaging, and everything, no other (party) comes near to them.”

On his favourite WP speaker:

“I’m a Teochew lang (guy), what do you think? (Chuckles) Of course Low Thia Khiang lah.”


Top photo by Rachel Chew

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