PAP wins Nee Soon GRC

PAP: 66.83%, WP: 33.17%

By Lydia Shah | September 12, 2015

PAP has won Nee Soon GRC with 66.83% of the vote.

In case you haven’t been following the election coverage, we summarise everything you need to know about the fight for one of the hottest constituencies this GE.

These were the candidates contesting in the Nee Soon GRC. They included the incumbent People’s Action Party (PAP) team, and the Worker’s Party (WP) team.

Here are Nee Soon GRC’s elected MPs from the People’s Action Party

Photo by Jeanette Tan
Photo by Jeanette Tan

Name: K. Shanmugam
Age: 50
Profession: Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Law
Terms in Parliament: 6

Name: Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim
Age: 47
Profession: Parliamentary Secretary at the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Transport
Terms in Parliament: 2

Name: Lee Bee Wah
Age: 54
Profession: Engineer
Terms in Parliament: 2

Name: Henry Kwek Hian Chuan
Age: 39
Profession: Executive Director of Investment Firm
Terms in Parliament: New candidate

Name: Louis Ng Kok Kwang
Age: 37
Profession: Chief Executive of ACRES (Animal Concerns Research and Education Society)
Terms in Parliament: New candidate


What does this outcome mean?

This year: 66.83%
Last year: 58.40%

This year: 33.17%
Last year: 41.60%
The weaker presence of opposition supporters in the north have made this an easy win for the PAP. Their improved performance could be attributed to the AHPETC saga, where residents are uncertain if they will see high-standards to municipal issues.

He said, she said

Elections bring out the best – and worst – in people. Sometimes, it even turns them into bona fide quote machines. Here are some of the most epic anecdotes and speeches from both sides during the campaign.

People’s Action Party

The PAP were highly critical of their opponents and spared no effort in discrediting them during their rally at Nee Soon. Below are some of the golden nuggets we picked out during the rally.

Faishal Ibrahim, Sep 8th:

“A few days ago, a reporter asked the Workers’ Party “Are there some local issues you are interested in for Nee Soon?” Guess what they said? They said “We will take a look IF we are elected.” In short, Why Plan? They have NOTHING planned for Nee Soon.”

Lee Bee Wah, Sep 8th:

“Can you afford to lose another foreign minister?”

Foreign Minister K Shanmugam showed off his oratory skills in a series of verbal gunfire.

Shanmugam, anchor minister for Nee Soon GRC
Shanmugam, anchor minister for Nee Soon GRC

K. Shanmugam, Sep 8th:

“The Opposition has made no meaningful contribution to any policy.”

K. Shanmugam, Sep 8th:

“Another suggestion in these elections is we cut defence sending by 40%. 40%. Is this a sensible suggestion? Everything you have, everything you see around you is based on an ability to defend ourselves, a strong powerful SAF is essential. What will happen if we cut defence budget by 40%? I asked Dr. Tambyah about this proposal during a recent debate. He is a decent man, but what he said shocked me. He said defence benefits the rich more than others because they have more to lose.”

Lastly he made sure to issue out some burns to Gurmit Singh’s wavering commitment to Workers’ Party.

K. Shanmugam, Sep 8th:

“Mr Gurmit Singh left WP a few weeks ago: after he was told that he would only be a backup candidate. Meaning he wasn’t good enough. He joined the SingFirst Party and appeared with them in their colours publicly campaigning. Why? Because they promised him that he will be a candidate. And then, his priority was he must be candidate by any means. Doesn’t matter what party colours he stands in. Or what the party’s principles were. But after just one day with SingFirst, he retracted his resignation and rejoined the Workers’ Party. Why? Actually because they said we are one-man short, can you come back and we will offer you a candidacy. So now Mr Gurmit Singh is now a Worker’s Party candidate in Nee Soon.”


Workers’ Party

Workers’ Party attempted a more empathetic approach with the voters considering the fact that Nee Soon GRC never been known to have strong opposition support.

Cheryl Loh

Cheryl Denise Loh, Sep 4th:

“(The PAP has) gone out of its way to make it look like it’s in touch with the common man. Changing the outside doesn’t really change what they really think on the inside… The PAP tries very hard to be one of us. The WP doesn’t have to try – we are one of you!”

Luke Koh, Sep 4th:

“There is much more to be done (for) the driver is not on the right path.”

Gurmit Singh, Sep 4th:

“I’m not Phua Chu Kang, the guy who says he’s best in Singapore, JB and Batam… I can be best in Nee Soon GRC, enough liao,”


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