PAP wins Fengshan SMC

PAP: 57.52%. WP: 42.48%.

By Ng Yi Shu | September 12, 2015

Residents of Fengshan – Cheryl Chan is your MP. With a winning percentage of 57.52%, the People’s Action Party have won Fengshan SMC.

We summarise everything you need to know about the fight for Fengshan and its orh luak:

Name: Cheryl Chan
Party: People’s Action Party
Age: 38
Occupation: Head of secondary industries at Linde Gas
Term in Parliament: 1st
Vote share: 57.52%

Chan promises:

To champion two causes – programmes to help seniors and less-priviledged children. Future improvement works in Fengshan include estate upgrading and programmes for families, seniors and less-privileged children in the community.

What does this mean?

Chan’s election means that the PAP has managed to retain some parts of the East – for now. Whether the Workers’ Party will manage to wrest it from the ruling party will depend on what happens in the next five years.

Notable things she said in GE2015:

“Nation building is a marathon, it is not a sprint.” – Sep 5

“Over the past many years, the PAP has improved a lot of infrastructure in Fengshan… while a lot has been done, there is a lot more we still have to do.” – Sep 5

“(MPs) have to be guided by our principle… to continue making better lives for each and every one of us… (they) need to be able to bring different views to the table and have a balanced view.” – Sep 8

Info on the losing candidate from Workers’Party:

Name: Dennis Tan
Party: Workers’ Party
Age: 45
Occupation: Shipping lawyer

Tan promises:

To place the cleanliness and efficiency of essential services in Fengshan his priority. If residents of Fengshan and East Coast elect WP candidates, the candidates will run the town council together; but if they don’t, Tan says he is ‘equally confident’ that he can look after Fengshan.

Notable things he said during GE2015:

On his background as a Raffles Institution student:

“Being a product of a good school does not mean that one has to be an elitist. It all boils down to the person’s attitude towards other people… I am proud to be an RI boy, and even prouder to be a Rafflesian member of the Workers’ Party.” – Sep 8

“Some people asked me why… I did not join the PAP. I often jokingly said that I decided to stop wearing my school uniform when I left Raffles.” – Sep 8

On PAP’s emphasis on AHPETC:

“Instead of spending time and resources fixing the problems, the PAP spent much of their time and much of the civil service’s resources fixing the Workers’ Party and our Aljunied MPs in the last 4 years. Mind you, these resources do not belong to PAP. The civil service resources are valuable resources of our country and our people, and funded by tax payers’ monies.” – Sep 9

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