Judging from this post-result interview, Lee Li Lian might be saying bye bye to politics

"But of course things will be different in a way that I will probably have a full-time job. "

By Tan Xing Qi | September 12, 2015

After it was announced that People’s Action Party (PAP) had recaptured Punggol East from Workers’ Party (WP) with 51.76% of the votes, Lee Li Lian hinted that she might leave politics in an interview

Hint 1:
Qns: What now for you? Are you still going to continue to walk the ground?
Ans: It is something that we will have to look forward… I wish that I could. I wish that I could continue to walk on the ground.
Qns: You wish that you could. You mean eventually it’s a party decision?
Ans: I think that I can make that decision definitely. But of course things will be different in a way that I will probably have a full-time job.

Hint 2:
Qns: Will you be keen to take up the NCMP position?
Ans: I will not take up the NCMP position. I will not.
Qns: WHY?!
Ans: I respect the voters’ decision.


Lee also said that she suspected that “municipal issues” had a part to play in her defeat.

She was trending on Twitter at around 1:30am with netizens speculating her future in politics.  

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She also conceded that she didn’t ask for a recount on her Facebook post.

Thank you everyone 🙂 I’ve started to receive a lot of messages and smses from residents and friends. Thank you to our…

Posted by Lee Li Lian 李丽连 on Friday, 11 September 2015

She thanked the support she received for the last 2.5 years and said the experience was short but meaningful.


Top photo from Lee Li Lian’s Facebook.

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