Han Hui Hui loses S$14,500 election deposit, Reform Party Kumar Appavoo barely kept his

She received 2,629 votes.

By Belmont Lay | September 12, 2015

Radin Mas SMC’s three-cornered fight has resulted in independent candidate Han Hui Hui forfeiting her S$14,500 election deposit.

This was after she received 10.04 percent, or 2,629, of votes.

The threshold for keeping one’s election deposit is to receive at least 12.5 percent of votes cast.

The Reform Party’s Kumar Appavoo, barely scraped past as he received 12.71 percent, or 3,329 of votes. A shortfall of 55 votes would have seen him lose S$14,500 as well.

The winner, PAP’s candidate, Sam Tan, received 77.25 percent, or 20,230, of votes.

However, Han’s showing is surprising as she ran as an independent candidate without the backing of any political party and effectively diluted RP’s vote share.

Plus, she previously had a run-in with RP chief Kenneth Jeyaretnam, who said he did not field her as a candidate for his party as she had a “creative approach to truth“.


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