Five Reasons why the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) rally is the place to be if you dislike WP's huge crowds

4 more reasons other than watching Chee Soon Juan speak.

Eisabess Chee| September 07, 04:32 PM

All photos by Mindy Tan

1. The line-up is sensible, coherent and well worth listening to

There are ten speakers in all, and they have been meticulously arranged to build up a compelling narrative through momentum.

The emcees also competently introduce each speaker (in two languages, no less) by building up on their accomplishments, so it makes for a very good introduction to have ex-lawyer and former SDP candidate Teo Soh Lung kick off the rally.

2. Check out the merchandise

It’s not difficult to understand why Danny the Democracy Bear is so popular with SDP supporters. He’s cute, he fits comfortably in your hand at two sizes (small and large) and he’s pretty affordable too.

SDP peddles its own merchandise to raise funds for their party activities. SDP Chief Chee Soon Juan’s books also sell like hotcakes at his rallies, and he has been staying back after SDP rallies to autograph books for the attendees.

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3. You get to play with SDP’s giant ball


“Do you know why SDP is not afraid to speak up?” the emcee yelled. “It’s because we have BIG! BALLS!” It’s almost like a carnival, or a rock concert perhaps, though the ball did not manage to travel around the stadium as the emcee had so ambitiously desired. Nevertheless, it was a good PR tactic as many whipped out their phones to take photos of the giant red ball rolling lazily around above the crowd.


4. Hear Chee Soon Juan speak Read how we think the SDP chief is a quotable quote machine, then head on down to an SDP rally to hear him speak ‘live’. It is worth giving him a chance - the poor fellow hasn’t spoken in a rally for 15 years, yet his oratorical skills aren’t beneath those of his rival politicians. Also, the crowd evidently loves him:

It is also easier to listen to him speak as his arguments appear more reasonable than some of the other opposition parties.

“I don’t want to appeal to your hearts. But more importantly I want to appeal to your minds,” he said last night to an audience whose egos immediately swelled to the height of Marina Bay Sands.

5. You just might spot up-and-coming anarchist Amos Yee!

Amos_Yee Photo by Eisabess Chee

“Why am I here today? Oh yeah we’re just having fun, and also, we’re interested in hearing the rallies because they’re really engaging. But they’re speaking in a different language so right now, while they’re doing that, we’re taking goofy pictures.” (Frank indeed.)

If you’re curious to know whether he’s an SDP supporter, here’s what he had to say: “I wouldn’t say I would support anyone. [However] I know the opposition, typically, they suck less than the PAP.”

He was there mainly to gain “edification in terms of Singapore policies.” He acknowledged that the videos he makes rely upon “simple logic”, and that with regard to “specific policies, I’m not really well-read”.

Who knows, maybe Yee is on the road to politics!

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