Workers' Party's Daniel Goh's wife's has a response to his alleged affair: No need to convince me. You need to sleep.

Daniel Goh had to meet WP chief Low Thia Khiang to explain what happened.

Martino Tan| August 28, 01:10 AM

Workers’ Party (WP) potential candidate and National University of Singapore (NUS) sociologist Daniel Goh on Thursday night refuted the details of a poison pen letter that accused him of having an affair with his postgraduate student.

everyone, thank you for your amazing support thus far. Thanks for encouraging me to stand strong. Someone wrote a...

Posted by Daniel Goh 吴佩松 on Thursday, August 27, 2015


The email, addressed to WP leaders Sylvia Lim and Low Thia Khiang, was sent to newsrooms a day after Goh’s official introduction as a candidate.

And what was his wife's response?

According to Goh, this was what his wife replied to him via text when he messaged her about the poison pen letter:

"Forget it. Either you're so threatening they need to stoop so low or they are so boh liao. I think your (all of you) time is better spent resting. Nothing to it. You know it's bound to happen, gutter politics. No need to convince me. Make the meeting with Low chop chop. Tell him your wife says you need to sleep."

Goh said he was doing his house visits at that time when news about the poison pen letter started making the rounds and he was inundated with numerous media queries about the allegations.

It looks like his wife of 15 years just wanted Goh to rest early, as he was still dealing with queries from at 12.30am.

From the text, it seems like poor Goh had to face his party chief Low Thia Khiang this evening to clarify what happened.


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