General Election 2015 t-shirts for political otakus who want to wear their fervour on their chest

Forget heart on your sleeve.

By Belmont Lay | August 30, 2015

Pro-Singapore culture establishment, The Local Collective, has banded together five homegrown Singaporean t-shirt brands to design a line-up of General Election 2015 t-shirts.

Aimed at political otakus or anyone who fancies a good design and some irreverence given how stuffy things can get, the t-shirts are non-partisan and cut across all political lines or affiliation to appeal to Singaporeans. For example:

This design is inspiring:



This one speaks the truth:



This in particular makes you think about how and where others were conceived:



This clearly appeals to the young and pre-occupied:



While this just makes light of superheroes:



The t-shirts cost S$25.00 each and are available here.

More t-shirt designs are bound to sprout from nowhere in the coming few days as GE2015 heats up. This is so as a good place to be seen wearing them will be at political rallies held across the island during the nine days of campaigning from Sept. 1 to 9.

It remains ambiguous if wearing any of these t-shirts is allowed on Polling Day on Sept. 11, because it has been stated:

“Don’t bring any document or material, or wear any attire or badge, which shows a political party’s or candidate’s symbol. The law prohibits canvassing and all forms of election activity on Polling Day, except voting.”


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