Everything you need to know about the People's Action Party Manifesto 2015 in 60 seconds

The PAP will be With you, for you, for Singapore.

Martino Tan| August 29, 08:59 PM

All photographs by Catherine Sim.

The People's Action Party (PAP) launched its manifesto ahead of the 2015 General Election (GE) on Saturday 29 August at Infinite Studios, attended by more than 1,000 party activists.

Titled “With you, for you, for Singapore”, the 88-page booklet, presented in English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil, elaborates on the PAP’s achievements and its vision for the future.

In the foreword by PAP Secretary-General and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, he said that his "team and I have continued to walk with you" and "have set a clear direction for our country, while responding to your concerns and aspirations".

PAP's vision for Singapore:

“The Singapore of Tomorrow will be a nation of opportunities, a jewel among global cities and above all, a City of Hope, Heart and Home for all citizens".


If you have only 60 seconds to spare, here is an overview:

1. In PAP's term of Government (2011-2015), PAP has:

- launched 100,000 flats, equivalent to two Ang Mo Kio towns

- expanded bus and train networks

- created many jobs and grew wages for all income groups

- introduced GST Vouchers, Progressive Wages and enhanced Workfare to help low wage workers

- honoured our Pioneer Generation and introduced Silver Support for seniors

- created MediShield LIFE to reduce worries about medical expenses

- introduced more flexible CPF Life to suit the different circumstances of retirees

- provided more affordable and accessible preschools, schools nurturing different interests and talents, and new pathways to a polytechnic and university education.

2. Plans and Ideas for all Singaporeans: 

SkillsFuture means Singaporeans will always have opportunities to learn and upgrade himself/herself, whatever his/her stage of life. The PAP government will be rejuvenating old estates, connecting up parks and waterbodies, redeveloping whole areas like Changi Airport and Paya Lebar Airbase, the Southern Coastal City, and Jurong Lake District.

3. PAP vision for Singapore:

- We will enable every Singaporean to realise their full potential, regardless of the starting point

- We will ensure a bright future for Singaporeans. We will invest in every Singaporean to help them get good jobs, upgrade themselves and achieve their best in life

- No one will be left behind. Social safety nets will protect those without means of help or support. We will support and care for the less fortunate, disadvantaged and vulnerable

- We will build affordable, quality public housing with green spaces and good amenities for all

- We will encourage and support strong families

- Every Singaporean can have peace of mind that should they or their loved ones fall ill, they can receive affordable, high quality healthcare

- We will progressively solve current transport issues and make our land transport system one of the most modern, efficient and green in the world. Travel will be more comfortable, convenient and easier

- We will keep Singapore safe and secure

- We will overcome challenges, turn vulnerabilities into strengths and continue to be a shining red dot

We are not done building Singapore.

And if you have two more minutes, you can watch PM Lee's very competent attempt as Singapore's Richard Attenborough:

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The full PAP manifesto can be viewed and downloaded here. If you are deciding between voting the PAP or the WP, the WP's manifesto is here.

Do your due diligence as a voter and read them through. No media/news outlet can ever provide an objective summary of both manifestos without leaving out some detail.

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